• Question: what's the best part of being an engineer?

    Asked by Jess to Shruti, Mark, Faranak, Douglas, Charlene, Alistair on 8 Mar 2019. This question was also asked by 487mgrq27, Evpan.
    • Photo: Mark Bentley

      Mark Bentley answered on 8 Mar 2019:

      Satisfaction of going from an idea to making something that solves a problem.

      It’s soooooo much fun 🙂

    • Photo: Faranak Bahrami

      Faranak Bahrami answered on 10 Mar 2019:

      You get to work on many new things that can be very beneficial to everyone, that leads to job satisfaction and a long the way you get to learn loads of new things and have loads of fun.

    • Photo: Charlene Chung

      Charlene Chung answered on 10 Mar 2019:

      You get to solve problems that help people everyday and you get to be involved in really cool projects around the world.

    • Photo: Shruti Turner

      Shruti Turner answered on 11 Mar 2019:

      For me it’s knowing that when I succeed in solving a problem, I know that I’m helping so many people. I work with amputees to improve their quality of life and help them to walk again with well fitting artificial limbs. The satisfaction is of doing a job well is multiplied when I know it’s going to help people.