• Question: Do you think engineering is hard? if so, why?

    Asked by maccer to Shruti, Mark, Faranak, Douglas on 4 Mar 2019. This question was also asked by madfudge.
    • Photo: Shruti Turner

      Shruti Turner answered on 4 Mar 2019:

      I think that every subject has it’s difficulties and engineering isn’t an exception. Some people naturally think the way engineers think, trying to solve problems methodically, working out how things work and others don’t (which is totally okay!) You learn to train your brain in a way, through practice, to make it easier. Engineering is very much about applying what you know (with some maths and science in there!) in a way to solve a problem. Everyone has different skills and interests to solve problems in different ways.

    • Photo: Mark Bentley

      Mark Bentley answered on 4 Mar 2019:

      It depends……

      Engineering is such a broad spectrum, I’m good at the area I’m in (design and manufacture)

      If I was put in a different area like the other Engineers on here….yes I would find it hard.

      Also there are “hard” times in my role, but it’s how you grow as an engineer, it makes you learn new skills which you store away in your head to bring out another day

    • Photo: Faranak Bahrami

      Faranak Bahrami answered on 5 Mar 2019:

      Everything can be difficult if you don’t know anything about it. I’m not going to say engineering is easy though. but as long as you understand it properly it can be very enjoyable. I had a friend who used to memorise everything, she wanted to do engineering, but she ended up not finishing it. In engineering, you need to have a real passion to learn and understand the logic behind everything. you’ll need to think critically, you need to ask many questions and be curious, there are subjects in engineering degrees that can be difficult but if you enjoy problem-solving then you’ll get through those too. if you are not good in problem-solving or coming up with creative solutions, it doesn’t mean you can’t be an engineer, you can develop those skills as you get more experience.